How To Get Quality & Affordable Website Design in Singapore

You might have tried to create a website for your business and decided that you’d be better off hiring a freelance web designer or contacting an agency in Singapore, while you focus running your business. “It is hard to find affordable website design that is of stellar quality, and vice versa.” If this notion is familiar to you, let’s debunk this myth by showing you how you can get an affordable website design with a good standard in Singapore.

Get A Website Designed on WordPress

WordPress CMS Is Reliable

If you’ve not been building websites for a while, you should know that WordPress has evolved from being just a blogging platform to enterprise-level content management system (CMS). To date, 34% of websites are built on WordPress, a source from W3Techs proved. That is roughly 75,000,000 websites powered by WordPress. Advanced developers are using WordPress to build full-fledged web applications. 

WordPress Developers Are Cheaper

As WordPress is free to download, many organisations and web developers are skilled in developing WordPress developers to cater to the masses. Costs come into effect when you purchase a WordPress theme (that is already coded from before), or when you hire a WordPress Web developer in Singapore to customise some aspects of the website. Many affordable website designs in Singapore are built on WordPress!

Outsource Your Website Designer and Developer

Cheaper Than Hiring A Full-Time Executive

Some businesses hardly require having a full-time web designer or developer, mainly because they revamp their websites once every 2 years or even longer. By outsourcing your website designer and developer, you will be saving on large overhead costs. Sometimes, when outsourcing firms are located offshore, you may have lower costs and also take advantage of the time differences to ensure productivity round the clock. 

Easily Hire Website Experts In Their Field

When you outsource the building of your website to a freelancer or an agency, you can easily find the website experts looking through their portfolio. With many freelancers and review platforms, you know you have plenty of options around. If one of your options doesn’t work out, you can definitely find another agency or freelancer who is also an expert in the WordPress web design. In another article, we have discussed the pros and cons of working with a single freelancer or an agency

Get Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting

Compare, Review & Choose The Best Web Hosting Servers

The price and the reliability of web hosting servers are not correlation. Sometimes, you might not be getting the best value just because you’re not familiar with the components in a web hosting server. You may look at comparison websites such as Website Builder Expert, to compare & choose the best hosting companies. Make sure they are updated too!

Your business needs a website, but depending on the complexity of your business, there are different types of websites that will really suit yours. With so many options, you might get confused about whether you’re getting a bang out of your buck when you receive different quotes with different cost components. Affordable website design in Singapore really comes down to whether

At Gwacamol, we provide WordPress website design services among others. Contact us and we aim to help you design, manage and promote your website for success.